Who We Are?


M3 Mobile is a global leader of enterprise mobility industry.

Thanks to its endless dedication and proactive support to customers, 
M3 series have been well recognized as high quality and reliable products.

M3 Mobile has become the global manufacturer supplying Rugged PDA into overseas markets as well as domestic market. M3 Mobile has developed handheld mobile computer on its own from 2000 and has distributed the handheld mobile computer to qualified manufacturers in USA, England, France, Germany, Sweden, Australia, China and so on.

M3 Mobile has an impressive name in overseas customer's mind through haumanism with partners and customers. M3 Mobile is available to offer value added service and support in fast and precise manner. M3 Mobile also has technical know-how of handheld mobile computer as well as RFID mobile computers.

This year we adopted "Speed is power" as our corporate slogan, 
which emphasized our strategy to transform ourselves into a fast moving corporation which creates the best efficiency in mobility industry.

"Speed is power" symbolizes our willingness to vigorously expand into ruggedized handheld mobile device. By living up to the philosophy of customer-oriented, speedy and technological management, we could become the world best rugged handheld device manufacturer in the 21st century.





What We provide?


M3 Mobile designed for a range of indoor and outdoor applications, providing an ultra slim and ultra durable for fatigue free all day use, to deliver mobility solutions to meet the demanding requirements of today’s mobile workforce.

- Best performing H/W and Operating system

- High Performance for Wet & Dry Circumstance
- Various Options

Cutting-edge technology,easy integration

M3 PDA are designed to provide rugged PDA solution to developers and manufacturers for integration with various application as industrial and so on. Loaded with M3 high technologies, M3 PDAs offers powerful verification performance and versatile external interfaces.



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